If you're into Market Research or Insurance Brokerage

You’ve come to the right place

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You’ve come to the right place

If you’re into market research or insurance brokerage then you’ve come to the right place. Seeds will save you a lot of Time and Money.

Seeds is a Unified Survey Platform. Over the past year, during our development and beta stage, we’ve worked closely with such companies to build Seeds into the perfect solution to fit such needs.

Seeds is built around solving the big repetitive issues related to creating forms. Think about it: you’ve had to build forms at least once for your business, and it has never been a pretty job. They are long, they have a lot of logic (e.g. show a field only if value x is at on field y and we’re on screen z), and they ain’t so friendly to the average user.

All that can hurt your business.

The focus of our software is to make it fast and painless to perform the repetitive actions.

Anything from adding questions to choosing a design, adding logic (just like playing Lego), inviting your respondents (or embedding on a website) to fill the form, collecting data from mobile devices, getting real-time statistics, making automatic decisions based on quotas and finally exporting the data in a friendly format can be done with this platform.

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Seeds is a Unified Survey Platform.

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