Slide background Intelligent Survey Platform Drag and Drop Logic, Infinite Posibilities, No Developer Skils! Adding your logic is like playing with LEGO

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Slide background 41.5 Million Answers Collected Our customers collect 500.000 answers / day Strong Architecture, Scalable by Design

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Slide background This is about Empowering Yourself Build your own Branded Self Service Portal! Seeds is integrated with WordPress. There your Respondents will regularly update you via your tailored Surveys and UI

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Slide background Make Things work Your Way Write your Survey Logic as you would an English sentence Visually create your forms' scripts, without the need of a programmer.

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Collect data from any Device, Connection Quality or Location.

We believe in simplicity and a clean layout that works across devices.
Be sure to get in touch for a branded design with your corporate identity

Mobile Ready

Works on any modern browser - Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera - and device - iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Offline Support

No matter how much your 3G or Wifi connection will vary, once the form is loaded, it will work without any stops or lag.
The logic is also loaded, so no worries about validation either :)

Real time data Synchronization

As soon as you add information in Seeds, it is sent to the databse and saved locally too. You never lose data and you have everything up to date in fractions of a second

500 Respondents / Second? No problem

When you have a large pool of customers / respondents and they need to use your forms at the same time, Seeds is the solution for you, having many protocols in place to make sure your data always gets collected

Field Research that just Works

Allow your team to add surveys in remote geographical areas, without being connected to the main database, yet never lose one single answer and seamlessly sync the data as soon as their devices come back online

Contact Filtering on the Fly

Create, via Flows, all the logic to take automatic action when you've reached a number of answers for a category of customers (e.g. when there are 50 answers from men over 30, don't accept more answers from new matching respondents)

Content Editor that is about Ease of Use and Powerful Features.

Just in Place Content Preview

You don't have to imagine how your content will look like. How you see it, is how your respondents will

``What You See Is What You Get`` Editor

All the edit tools and visual options are available in one place, in context

Drag and Drop Controls

Dropdowns, TextFields, Sliders, Multiple and Single Choice lists, Hidden Objects and more can be added by dragging and dropping


One form, multiple languages, without having to rewrite it each time. On the respondent side, you can switch between one language and the other seemlessly

Cross-Tab Copy-Paste

Copy a screen here and, in the same tab or another one, paste it, together with its script. It is a great time saver!

Seed Cloner

Quickly create a copy of the content, images, flows, reports and mailing templates associated with a form, and get moving fast!

You don’t have to be a programmer to do amazing things.

Say goodbye to your developers :)
Drag and drop great features, have them instantly enabled and be in control of all that’s going on


Visual Flow Editor

All the features Seeds has, are displayed as smart blocks. They can be connected together as with a simple game. You don't need to remember what each object can do. The combinations are Infinite!

Cross-Tab Flow Copy-Paste

You may find yourself in need to copy functionality from one form to another, or from one screen to another. Duplicate, Cut, Copy, Paste cross-tab and save precious time by getting things done!

Screen Handling

Hide or Show, Jump or Stop, Randomize Screen Groups, Restore Progress upon reopening a survey, Display Notification Modals, Change from one Language to another

Event-Based Flows

Take complete control over when things are done, by controlling the key events: User inputted Data, Navigate to the Next or Previous Screen, After Data Load, After Hiding / Showing current screen

Custom Behavior

Randomize Lists, Check if the inputted text is a number or email, Bind lists together to display content as they're filled-in, Set maximum ticks on multiple choice lists and more!

Wizards that write Flows for You

Data Validation is the biggest issue which is why we've built wizards that automatically create all the flows for you, to make sure your respondents answer all your questions. The longer your Survey is, the more time is saves you!

Easily distribute and communicate with your Respondents via Email

Let your creativity loose with our rich editor.
Add answers from your Seed and send personalized emails


Deep Email Distribution Integration

Send Emails directly from your Seed (to them or to you), as your Respondents reach a screen or special even, or send invitations when you're ready, from the Distribution Interface

Rich Content Editor

Add pictures or rich edit the text you want to send. Have multiple templates per Seed at one time and use them on demand. This will enable you to send personalized emails based on each Respondent's progress

Answers as Content

When sending an email you can use the data filled-in by your Respondents. This will make all messages be a lot more personal and relevant to your Audience.

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Convert Your Respondents into Customers! Give them the Self Service Portal they Need.

From Data Capture to Panel

Via Flows you can add all the data from a seed onto a separate, independent database, named generically as Panel. This enables you to use each entry in that database as a separate contact and send them more Seeds to fill-in.

Powerful Filtering and Reporting

We've built the tools to enable you filter your Panel Members based on their answers, response rate and activity, and then view the results as an elegant XLS report or automatically add them as participant Respondents in a new Seed. Even more, you can save your reports for further reference or using them again later and save time.

Quick User Management

Our default installation of WordPress comes with the modules to allow your Respondents to authenticate via email, reset their password, have their accounts enabled / disabled or monitored from the WordPress user management interface. The seamless integration will make you wonder why you didn't do it like this all the time!

Ongoing Seeds

When you want your Respondents to fill certain forms over and over, at any given moment, without your request (e.g. to update their personal data, to make a tech support request, etc.), you can mark a Seed as ``Ongoing`` and it will always be available on the Self Service Interface

Panel Member Profile

When you include a Panel member in a Seed, email him, get answers or any other kind of activity from him, Seeds knows and records these actions. You can always see a full report on any member and take actions based on that.

Self Service via WordPress

WordPress is a powerful tool for content management, which can be easily made to match your corporate identity. We've integrated Seeds with WordPress, to provide you with the tools to pull data from Seeds' Panels and display it gracefully using your design.

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More than an Easy Solution, a Better One!

Build The Mockup

Start from Scratch or Clone, Click, Drag and Drop, Copy + Paste


Realtime Preview

From our Gallery or one Bespoke for you


Rule based Mailing

Mail new respondents, existing ones, just a group, etc.


Rule based Analysis

Advanced Excel Reports, with your filters and Form specific Data

Helping You Understand your data in a Blink of an Eye.

Real-time Decision Making

When you've reached a quota's limit (e.g. men over 30, eating apples every 2 days), automatically trigger an event for all Respondents. Via Flows you can decide what to do next, automatically (e.g. Show a special thank you screen)

Cross-Tab Copy-Paste

Copy a flow here and, in the same tab or another one, paste it, together with its script. It is a great time saver even when writing your Quota rules!

Contacts Exclusion

Once a Quota has reached its target, you can exclude a group of contacts from ever answering (e.g. Once you have 30 male respondents over 20 years old respond to 5 particular questions, don't accept any more males over 20 years old to respond to your Form)

Real-time Progress Visualization

When an answer has been given, it is automatically displayed on your dashboard. You won't miss a moment from your Form's progress and you can manage each or rule limit visually

Real Time Statistics, Customizable and Gorgeous.

Periodically Auto Updated

Every 30 seconds each statistic is updated. Since you don't need to take real-time actions with statistics, but rather understand how your Seed is developing, you will have the data you need, quickly calculated and beautifully displayed

Monitor Each Seed's Services' Progress

You can monitor more than just your Seed's data gathering and relevance, but also the Email Distribution or Self-Service (Panel) Activity. Whether Bar Chart, or Pie Chart, your data will be rendered as you choose.

Specific Indicators

Sometimes all you need is to see intelligent data about multiple indicators at the same time. Via Flows, you can add variables and compare them in real time between themselves.

Cross-Tab Copy-Paste

Copy a statistic's flow here and, in the same tab or another statistic, paste it. You will save time when you have a large project where you need many indicators to track its progress

Advanced Flows

You need averages, sums or various proportions of your gathered data as one indicator at a time? No problem. Via Flows, an indicator can be as complex as you need it to be

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We believe actions speak louder than words. We commit to service!
Days / Year Free Tech Support
Free Emails Daily per Customer
Million Answers Collected
Unique Scripting Blocks
Seeds is about having the Freedom to Create, at a fair price.
  • euro269
    • 5 Surveys / Month
    • 5000 Responses / Month
    • Next Business Day Email Tech Support
    • All the Content Editing, Distribution and Statistics Features
  • Get the Starter Package


  • euro349
    • The “Data Collector” Package +
    • 20 Surveys / Month
    • 20000 Responses / Month
    • Have one of our staff help you with your first survey (design, flows, testing), to get you quickly started (via Skype)
    • Distribute up to 5000 emails / month for free to your audience (with an annual plan)
    • Generate custom DOCx documents on the fly (invoices, contracts, agreements, etc.), with data from your surveys
  • Get the Documents Generator Package
  • euro499
    • The “Documents Generator” Package +
    • Unlimited Surveys / Month
    • Unlimited Responses / Month
    • Next Business Day Tech Support via Skype (on demand)
    • Manager’s Customer (Panel) Management
    • Respondent (Panel) Self Service UI
    • Respondent (Panel) Mailing and Filtering via Flows
    • Custom Branded Theme matching your corporate identity (on demand)
    • Predictive Dialer Integration via MediaTel¬†(on demand)
  • Get the Established Brand Package
Care about each user, Understanding each customer.

"The idea of the forms gives great flexibility and with training and support for the user it can deliver some really super and bespoke results that can give a business an edge.

The team at Seeds is very innovative and very resourceful when coming up with solutions to the user problems or system tweaks and we really like this part of the service."

Sean Burke, B.Comm FCII @ Burke Insurances Ltd

"Seeds is one of the friendliest survey editing software tools for market research i've worked with over the past 12 years. It considerably reduces the work time for the programmer, the work modules are logically structured, the functions are stable and the object design capabilities are quite advanced. It delivers a clear and coherent way to work.

The fact that it saves time for the human resources involved is a considerable advantage to any company!"

Monica Ungureanu, Quantitative Research Director @ Exact Research and Consultancy

"Before using Seeds, i always thought that a survey software can't be so friendly. Also, time and energy were always necessary, even required. However, Seeds gave me the freedom to choose from a set of tools i can use to create and format each survey.

Creating the logical rules is like playing a puzzle and the inventory of all data gathered is just one click away. Easy download, access everywhere, friendly interface: all that a researcher could ask for!"

Ecaterina Sofroni, Market Researcher @ IMAS Moldova
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